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Dermica Laboratoires is an international company with more than 10 years of experience in the aesthetic medical market. It has offices in the United Kingdom, Spain, Morocco and Hong Kong as well as its own distributor channel for more than 30 countries. Our vision and work philosophy is based mainly on quality. 

We manufacture with the highest quality standards to offer a safe and efficient product. In addition, we have a team of collaborators made up of doctors and plastic surgeons who are basic for the research and development of effective products.

Dermica philosophy intend our products work improving skin from the inside. Therefore we have developed different therapies that manage to carry the active ingredients, carefully selected for each treatment, to the inner layers of skin. 

In this way, we ensure that the results obtained are much more effective and successful in the short, medium and long term.

In our products we seek the perfect combination between application systems and active ingredients
We combine the most realible and innovativ equipment with products that contain biologically active ingredients from the pharmaceutical industry with those from the cosmetic industry. 

We offer you combined therapies which enhance the production of callagen and elastin in the skin, causing a completly natural regeneration and repair of tissue