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What is plasma?

Plasma has its own particular characteristics, which do not occur in solids, liquids or gases and, as such, it is considered another state of matter. Like gas, plasma does not have a defined shape or volume, unless it is enclosed in a container; but under the influence of a magnetic field it can form structures such as filaments or rays. The atoms of this state of matter move freely; the higher the temperature, the faster the atoms move in the gas, and at the point of collision, the speed is so fast that electron detachment occurs, generating a plasma arc.

Benefits of Dermaplax 

Compared to laser, it produces a selective superficial burn regardless of skin colour. With laser treatments, the colour of the skin is a specific target for heating. However plasma energy works
the same regardless of the colour of the skin, which is particularly beneficial in tattoo removal, for instance.

Compared to an electronic scalpel, the latter uses much higher frequencies and currents (1 MHz) producing coagulation and scar tissue. Because Dermaplax, which only uses 50 KHz, works via surface sublimation, it does not produce coagulation and as such, does not generate scar tissue.

How does  Dermaplax  work?

DermaplaX has a small and easy-to-use applicator, connected to the 
console from which the power level is regulated. 
This provides for more comfortable and precise handling, facilitating 
The ability to change power levels during treatment without changing 
applicator means that treatments can be carried out more comfortably, 
quickly and precisely.

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