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The J-Plasma system is designed to deliver radiofrequency energy and / or a helium plasma for soft tissue cutting, coagulation and ablation during open surgical procedures.

  • Unique heating with helium plasma + RF energy (patented)
  • Chilling almost instantaneous.
  • It allows a greater precision and control of the tissue effect.
  • Non-contact power supply
  • Minimum thermal diffusion
Renuvion uses both cold helium plasma and RF energy to heat the tissue. When excited, a small amount of helium gas is converted to plasma that contours the application area emitting energy. The patented RF waveform flows through the conductive plasma providing additional beneficial heating to the treated area.
As the tip of the Renuvion device is passed through the treated area, the energy is applied uniformly in the dermis, membranes and muscular fascia. This allows a complete coagulation treatment, personalized in real time to the unique contours of the subcuticular space.
With Renuvion, less than 0.1% of the helium gas is converted into plasma, so more than 99.9% of the helium remains in the gaseous state. Helium gas is a thermal conductor 8 times more powerful than air, therefore unconverted gas flows through the tissue, extracting heat as a subdermal air conditioner, minimizing unwanted thermal effects.
The effectiveness of J-Plasma / Renuvion is due to its unique energy and advanced product configuration. With an innovative caloric energy control and a multiple versatility (Generator 3: 1) that provides almost daily use of the device since it has different applicators, which allows the diffusion of energy in a variety of cases.
  • Precise open handpieces
  • 4.4 cm and 15 cm in length
  • Precise handpieces
  • 15 cm, 27 cm and 33 cm in length
Renuvion offers an alternative to invasive procedures and generates impressive results but with fewer risks and less recovery time than other more invasive procedures and without tissue collateral damage due to its high precision.

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