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  • CEGABA 10 % (Carboxyethyl gamma-aminobutiryc acid). Thanks to its activity as a growth factor, CEGABA is able to stop and reverse the hair fall.  (Scientifically tested). Through a series of non-hormonal mechanisms it prolongs and activates the hair growth phase, it strengthens the hair follicles making them more resistant and it reduces the amount of sebum and dandruff on the scalp.

  • CAFEINE. Caffeine has been identified as a stimulator of human hair growth in vitro, and reduced testosterone-induced follicle growth suppression.

  • COPPER PEPTIDE. The copper peptides revert the natural processes, leading to the generation of new blood vessels around the follicle, as well as to an increase of subcutaneous fat and melanin synthesis, beyond the damage to regenerate scalp, promoting the formation of thicker hair.

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