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Scientists at Dermica have spent 15 years developing a skin whiteningtherapy that produces optimum results using an effective combination ofpowerful exfoliating acids but which does not produce the side effects that areso common with other peels.


Whitelan Cure Step 1's formula tends to self-neutralise through combinationwith skin proteins, producing a cooling effect due to the modification of theprotein ultrastructure. In addition, the formula has been "partiallyneutralised" or buffered, with a pH of between 3.5 and 5.


The peel can be removed simply by using water and does not requireneutralisation.


Consequently, we have succeeded in coming up with a safe, low pH, highlyeffective peel that requires no neutralisation. In other words, without any ofthe risks associated with over-exposure to the acid effects of a peel. WhitelanCure Peeling Gel is the first system of its type with these characteristics:low PH and no neutralisation. This has several advantages:


o   Because there is no need to neutralise, problems due to delayed (sideeffects) or early (reduced effectiveness) neutralisation are no longer aconcern. There is no need to take decisions based on time. The product issimply applied to the face and left to work.


o   This also means that no basic neutraliser will impede the action of theacids. Contact time between the acid and the skin is long and all the moleculesin the product will work until, eventually, the skin produces its own naturalneutralisation.


o   Whitelan Cure Peeling Gel has a low pH. This means that its formulaoffers a high proportion of free active acids. Products of this type arenormally considered highly aggressive, but ours should be thought of as a peelwith a non-aggressive period of release, which allows the acids to work in aslow and progressive manner. Clinically, patients do not experience the typicalburning sensation, only a tingling sensation that lasts around 30-45 minutes.


This peel is suitable for patients who do not want visible signs ofpeeling or for doctors who wish to reduce the usual risks of peelingtreatments.


Whitelan Cure Peeling Gel allows the acids to work in a progressivemanner, starting with the outermost layer of the epidermis. As there is noneutralisation, the action of the acids continues, penetrating the epidermisand slowly reaching the dermis, while never exceeding the skin's neutralisingcapability. The acids progressively become less aggressive as they penetratedeeper into the skin.

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