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Dermajet is an advanced injection device that can deliver precise doses in a variety of treatments, making it highly suitable for use in mesotherapy and the application of Ha fillers or botulinum toxin. 

Thanks to its unique technology and ergonomic design, Dermajet offers professionals easier injection and patients a more pleasant and less painful experience.
This feature is particularly beneficial for the most delicate areas (lips, eye area), 

where highly homogeneous and accurate injecti :

- Suitable for a variety of techniques (Ha fillers, mesotherapy, botulinum toxin) 
- Allows the use of different syringes 
- Simpler and more practical 
- Easier handling 
- Continuous or dosing mode 
- Less painful for patients 
- Cordless 


Allows both flow injection and drop and quantity programmed injection Adjust drop size and quantity before injection Optimizes injection and saves drug loss Display of injection and drop number Beep sound alerts indicate the completion of the injection selected Use of all filler types Adjustable tips to allow use of different syringe size and needles and multi-needle heads Adjust injection speed Powerful injection system and can deliver smooth injections of all types of substances including solid particles Requires less efforts and energy unlike classical manual injectors

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