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“The latest and most advanced technology with greater traction for longer”
“The latest and most advanced technology with greater traction for longer”
“The latest and most advanced technology with greater traction for longer”

Dr Inmaculada Adam Pous is medical director of Clínica Dermaline. She is a specialist in Family and Community Medicine, with Masters in Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Medicine at Madrid Complutense University and in Cosmetic Surgery at Barcelona Autonomous University. With extensive teaching experience both in university master's degrees as well as courses in the sector. She is a trainer at Dermica Laboratoires International Academy.

What for

The implementation of this advanced PDO (polydioxanone) threads line achieves the formation of a dense network of new connective tissue around the thread, with greater traction power and longer duration.
The result is maintained for a long time even after its complete reabsorption. Immediately after implanting the thread the neocollagenesis, elastogenesis and endogenous hyaluronic production processes all begin, all proven through histological and imaging studies.

Who for

Optimal for patients who are concerned about facial and body skin flaccidity, typical of the ageing process from the age of 35, approximately. Skin rejuvenation and an important lifting effect will be achieved with a minimally invasive procedure. . Within a month you will look better and will continue to improve for three months after treatment.


The technique is simple, it being important to know anatomy and make sure we are working on the right angle. It requires local anaesthesia (2% lidocaine with or without epinephrine, depending on the vascularization of the zone). Cannula threads require prior 18G needle puncture and the implantation angle is the subcutaneous cell tissue. In general, the longer the thread, the better the result, considering safety margins that will depend on the area to be treated.

What I achieve

Cheekbone lifting effect, improved nasolabial fold and marionette line. Marking of the mandibular angle, improvement of facial oval, jowls and neck. Eyebrow elevation - foxy eyes (Triangle or Blade polydioxanone threads are recommended). In rhinomodelling, elevation of the nosetip (Arrow threads are recommended). In general, areas with more weight require threads with higher traction potential (such as Mountain). In body treatments for lifting buttocks, breasts and sagging in abdomen, thighs, knees and arms.