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Auto micro-needle system

GoldPen Product

therapy with automatic microneedling system


GoldPen is a safe electro-medical device with CE sanitary product certification, providing fast and effective transdermal penetration. Used for facial and body rejuvenation as a therapy to naturally induce collagen and elastin synthesis, its microneedling system effectively opens up thousands of microchannels in the skin. The microlesions produced by the needles and the skin's ability to self-regenerate favour an increase in the natural production of collagen and elastin that will provide multiple benefits for the skin.

GoldPen Product
GoldPen Product


The concept of microneedling is based on the skin's natural ability to self-regenerate. Each fine-needle cartridge penetrates the skin, creating microchannels or microlesions. These microlesions trigger collagen and elastin production at the papillary dermis level in order to repair the microlesions, specifically improving skin texture, firmness and hydration.


BRING BACK YOUR skin’S natural beauty from INSIDE

By using GoldPen, transdermal routes or channels are created that increase permeability for the application of mesoconcentrates of active ingredients with restructuring, regenerating and anti-ageing actions.

GoldPen uses 11 single-use microneedle cartridges.
It allows to regulate the penetration depth from 0 to 2.5 mm, as well as the speed of the needles, creating up to 1320 microchannels per second, thus achieving greater efficiency in the introduction of active ingredients.

GoldPen Product
GoldPen Product

GoldPen Benefits

in the dermis
Greater luminosity. Improves skin appearance and texture
Stimulates follicle activation in alopecia treatments
Activates and stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin
Decreases fine lines
Visible improvement of scars, keloids and stretch marks
Favours the elimination of blemishes, performing a peeling of the outer layers and deeply regenerating the skin
Can be combined with other therapies such as PRP or mesobotox
GoldPen Product


The microneedles cause thousands of microlesions that trigger an absolutely natural self-regenerating action.

The result is greater collagen and elastin production, increased blood flow and oxygenation of the area.

GoldPen Product


The thousands of microchannels opened up by the microneedles act as a passageway for the active ingredients applied. They are distributed more evenly than when they are injected, prolonging their presence in the dermis for longer and, therefore, increasing their efficiency.

GoldPen Product


11 microneedles working at 120 cycles per second result in the destruction of the skin’s corneal layer. The outer layer of skin falls off and gives way to new skin. The patient can feel more luminous and smoother skin.